RG 58 – Belden Coaxial Cable, RG58 Coaxial, Unterminated

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An RG58 coaxial cable for radio frequency connections.


Features and Benefits
·18mm tinned copper stranded conductor
·Solid polyethylene insulation
·Tinned copper braid
·Sheathed in PVC


Belden Coaxial Cable, 4.95mm OD


Create a reliable radio frequency connection with this coaxial cable from Belden. It uses highly conductive copper wiring that’s tinned for increased corrosion resistance and stranded to provide good flexibility. An insulating PE (polyethylene) core protects the wires and a braided copper shield reduces signal interference and noise while allowing the cable to retain its bendability. It’s housed in a white PVC (polyvinyl chloride) jacket and makes a durable solution for low-bandwidth and lower-frequency applications. Use it for two-way radio and wireless antenna communication.


Features & Benefits


• Wide operating temperature range between -40°C and +70°C for use in demanding environments
• Unterminated cable for easy customization with your choice of connectors
• Ample length for complex or long-distance installation


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