EEG6500 Enhanced Electronic Controller

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  • Multi-V DC
  • Built-In Display, Fast setup with 5 push buttons
  • Simple LCD User Interface; No potentiometer or PC required
  • 2 Fixed (Rated, Idle) and Variable Speed; Selectable Isochronous, Droop, & Variable Governing
  • 5K Ω resistive, 0-2.5 V Variable Speed Input
  • Speed Range to 12 kHz (6000 RPM) with Frequency Display
  • Speed Ramping (Any Transient Speed Change)
  • Standard GAC AUX Input for Synchronizing and Load Sharing
  • Fault Protection with Overcurrent Sensing
  • Adjustable Starting Fuel Strategy (Black Smoke Reduction)
  • J1939 Engine Speed Output
  • Compatible with all GAC actuators except ATB T4 Series, ADB335 and ACB2001.
  • Lockable display to prevent unauthorized access
  • Identical mounting hole pattern to ESD5500E


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