CTEK D250TS Battery Charger

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The D250TS is a fast, fully automatic, 4-step DC/DC battery charger and battery separator for vehicles with dual 24V battery banks. D250TS is ideal for busses and trucks, recreational vehicles and boats. It supplies 10A to 24V batteries of 28-200Ah with a 12V output for equalising the starter battery and supply of 12V equipment connected to the starter battery. D250TS is IP65 classified for outdoor use, suitable for all types of lead acid batteries, including Wet, MF, EFB, Ca/Ca, AGM and Gel. Fitting the D250TS will give you the confidence that your batteries are always at the optimum charging voltage

  • Quick installation time at a lower cost
  • Takes charge automatically from any power source connected to it
  • Automatic battery equalisation of 24 V systems
  • Input voltage, 14-30V DC
  • Output: 28.8V/10A, 14.4/10A


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